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The Inner Critic the Inner Guide and Imposter Syndrome Workshop

The Inner Critic the Inner Guide and Imposter Syndrome
It’s tough out there. Perfection and ease splattered all over social media.  The idea that success comes easy and overnight; that the best, the brightest and most beautiful have it all together.  

It’s even tougher inside- the thoughts and beliefs that you have created about who you are, and what you are not.  

Why is this so hard for me?

Can I really do this? Am I worth it? And what if I fail...again?

Believe me, I’ve been there…. just last week in fact.

What keeps me from staying there is my awareness of my thoughts, my understanding of the Inner Critic and my toolkit of strategies to keep from spiralling and giving up.  

The Inner Critic is present anytime you limit your ability, your opportunities or your experiences because of doubt and fear.

I want you to grow.  

I want you To take risks.; to honour who you are and live it fully.  

I want you to Go For It.  

Because Isn’t that why we are here?

Oct 28: 6-9pm
Oct 30: 6-9pm

Earlier Event: October 28
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